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An inverse process model for industrial cooling sections

The required cooling section parameters for a specific cooling task are calculated. The data is calculated for vIn = 1 m/s, i.e. vor higher speeds, the cooling section length has to be multiplied by the true value of vIn.

Please select your parameters:

Property Unit   Comment
Material   Additional Materials are available on request
Sheet thickness mm divide by 2 for single sided cooling
Starting temperature °C Tin
End temperature °C Tout
Cooling rate (centre) K/s Please consider physical limits


This published model uses an optimizer to determine the water impact density required for a the selected cooling rate in the centre of the sheet. For a specific sheet material and thickness there is a physical limitsfor this centre line cooling rate. This online version is currently not considering this limitation and thus you can start computations which can not converge!

Example of the Results:

20 mm Fe cooled from T=900 to 500 deg C with 10 K/s (both sides):

The application of the position dependent water impact density Vs(x) calculated by the inverse process model gives the following optimum temperature control:
Modelling assumptions: λ = const., cp = const., ρ = const.
(temperature dependent material properties available on demand)

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