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Model Predictive Control demonstration for an EAF (meltdown) process model:

eaf_sketch.gif Warning:
The results may not fit to your specific real furnace without some parameter determination by inverse modelling. This is mainly a demonstration of the MPC approach, i.e. mission critical set values (arc power and DRI feeding) are determined by the model itself.

Please select your parameters:

Property Unit   Comment
Tapping Weight tons scrap + DRI
Peak Arc Power MW Applied until tapping temperature is reached
Initial scrap basket tons Mscrap
Tapping temperature ░C Ttapping

Example of the Results:

80t melt in a 100 MW furnace (30t scrap + 50t DRI, tapping at 1800 C):

The initial scrap mass ms is melted during the first 6 minutes. Thus the mean temperature of the solid material TSolid increases, while the mean temperature of the liquid metal TMelt decreases (possibly until TMelt=Tliquidus). This melting process can be seen by the increasing liquid steel mass ml and the decreasing solid steel mass ms. As the model detects the end of the scrap melt down phase, DRI feeding is started. The total mass in the furnace m is thus increasing. The DRI feeding rate mDRI is calculated by the model in order to avoid icebergs and to optmize tap-to-tap time for a given arc power PEL (100 MW).
As soon as the desired tapping mass of liquid steel is reached, the DRI feeding stops and the melt is heated to the desired tapping temperature.

These results are thus obtained by calculating set values for the arc power PEL and the DRI feeding rate mDRI within the model:

Modelling assumptions: coming soon

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